Reading is a high priority for us at Christ Church School. We know that being able to read opens up a whole world of imagination and knowledge for children, as well as improving their ability to access information, both at school and in their daily lives.  We want to:

  • To promote a culture and love for reading to all pupils 
  • To promote opportunities for children to read high quality texts  
  • To deliver a progressive reading curriculum from when children enter school 
  • To ensure that every child becomes a motivated reader, writer and confident speaker by the time they leave school 

Please see the attached document to read about how we implement this in our school.  For a brief outline, see below:

Our School Library

Our wonderful library is the first thing you will see when you enter our school.  Every child is able to access the library and bring home a book of their choice every week.  They can choose from a range of fiction and non-fiction; there is a whole array of genres and topics to catch their interest.  Miss Ray, our school librarian ensures that the library is kept well stocked and up to date.  

Reading Scheme

Our reading scheme is the Rising Stars Reading Planet.  This fantastic scheme contains a range of fiction and non-fiction books suitable for children in reception, right up to year 6!  
Children will read their book to adults in school.  They all have opportunities to read their books independently.  Children will bring their reading book to share at home each day.  Please ensure their book is returned to their bag each morning so that they have it available in school.

May I say what a wonderful reading scheme you have invested in. I can't wait for the next book to be brought home, they are so exciting!

                                                                                           - Grandparent of a pupil in our school 

Group and Guided Reading

In Key Stage 1, children take part in the 3 part read every week.  This consists of 3 sessions as follows:

Read 1

Decoding the book

Children use their phonic knowledge to decode the words on the pages. The focus is solely on this rather than comprehension and understanding.

Read 2

Reading for speed / fluency

This is another opportunity for the children to apply their phonic knowledge but slightly quicker. children should recognise some of the words the second time round. Adults should model prosody (intonation, expression, pausing and phrasing) when they read.

Read 3


This time, the children read the book again but, by now, they are quite familiar with the words. We ask the pupils what they think about what is happening as they read: do they understand what they are reading?

 In Key Stage 2, children take part in a whole class guided read, which also takes place over 3 sessions:

Read 1

Prepare, Read, React

Pupils are prepared for reading. This might be just a few moments, or it might be an extended piece of teaching.

They then have an engaging encounter with the text itself, either listening to it or reading it for themselves.

Finally they have some sort of opportunity to react to it.  This may involve opportunities practise expressing personal responses or recording their impressions.

Reads 2 and 3

Recap, Reread, Process, Explore

Pupils might process their responses and understandings (on their own or in a pair or group) through writing, talk, drama, drawing or some other creative work. This might be brief or extended.

They might explore the text through discussion, reading closely for comprehension or to analyse language, meanings and effects.  They explore the text using VIPERS:

See the links below for further information and useful websites.