Wellbeing Champions

We are proud to announce our brand new Wellbeing Champions are finally here!  They are currently undergoing training with the amazing Trailblazers Mental Health Support Team and our very own Mrs Pearson.

They are being trained to:

  • understand what is meant by mental health and wellbeing
  • know and suggest strategies that support mental health and wellbeing
  • use active listening skills - children can talk things through or rehearse what they want to say with a Wellbeing Champion before coming to tell an adult
  • know when to tell an adult - they will support children to take that step and tell a trusted adult what is is on their mind
  • be familiar with a range of people and organisations that they can signpost their peers to

They are supported in this very important role by Mrs Pearson, who meets regularly with the group. 

Watch this space for further updates!