Our vision is life in all it’s fullness. We want our children to learn through a range of social, academic and creative experiences. Art and design plays an important part in developing creativity and critical thinking. Our art curriculum is designed to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge, confidence and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. Children are introduced to a broad range of range creative experiences, exploring and refining their use and understanding of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space through a range of techniques, including drawing, sculpture, digital art, painting, creative crafts and print.

I cons: Painting, Creative Crafts, Printing, Drawing, Sculpture, Digital Art

Artist Research

Through artist research, children will develop their understanding of art and design. From Reception through to year 6, our children will learn about artists and art movements throughout history, developing critical, analytical and evaluative skills, and practising skills and techniques that they can use in their own work and in the wider curriculum, including research and comprehension skills as well as their creative thinking.


Sketchbooks are a place where children can document their learning, explorations and creative experiences. From Reception through to year 6, our children use sketchbooks to record and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design and discover the work of famous artists and movements. Children plan their own creative work and record, review and revisit their ideas in their sketchbooks, building resilience and skill.


We recognise that everyone has different strengths and talents and we want to make sure that all children can access the creative elements of art. All children are encouraged to express themselves using a range of media, materials and techniques in a way that suits their own style and ability. Some children may require additional support for research and note taking. Teachers will make sure that children are directed to age-appropriate websites and research books and, if required, adults will support children to read and respond to the text. Vocabulary mats and sentence stems will be available to support discussion and annotation

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