We follow the Early Start French programme, gradually building children's language knowledge and skills with carefully planned progression from a small and simple vocabulary. 

French is taught weekly in Key Stage 2, with learning based within and around 5 strands;

  • Ma famille et moi, (my family and me)
  • Les fetes, (celebrations)
  • Bon appetit, (food)
  • Temps et meteo, (time and weather)
  • Le Temps Libre, (leisure time)

This gives children a sound foundation for later study at secondary school.  

Early Start French is a great introduction to the French language and culture, filmed with families, schools and communities in northern France, showing children what it is like to be a French child. 


The use of songs using rhythm, catchy tunes and repetitive choruses, as well as games and group interaction, allows children to access the learning in different ways. The range of resources available provides teachers with the support to ensure that all children can access the learning at a level appropriate to their needs, whilst still building on the language skills needed to progress through the programme.

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