North Yorkshire Education Services are pleased to announce that from September 2021, the Communication and Interaction Team will be offering our new online training course Unlocking Autism to parents/carers.

This replaces the previous offer of the Cygnet course, but differs in that children do not need to have a diagnosis of autism in order for parents to attend. The course is delivered online via MSTeams, which parents can access on a range of devices including their phones.

This free course aims to develop parental knowledge and understanding of autism, communication and sensory needs. The programme includes a session on understanding behaviour and supporting emotional regulation, resilience and wellbeing.

It covers the following topics:

1. Autism: - What to look for and how to help. Includes information on related conditions.

2. Communication: - Understanding receptive and expressive language differences, how difficulties may present & how to use visual communication supports.

3. Sensory: - What drives sensory behaviour? How can we change unhelpful or dysregulating patterns. Information on sensory evaluation, sensory plans and recognising independent self-regulation.

4. Emotional regulation and resilience: - Thinking about your own wellbeing and resilience when living with difficult behaviour which challenges

5. Behaviour: - What defines behaviour? How can we recognise patterns and analyse underlying needs. This session will include a task on analysing behaviour to help parents unpick and resolve difficulties.

Full booking information and the dates that you need are on the attached flyer.  Please feel frr to contact the SENCO [email protected] if you require further information or you are concerned about your child.