Sports Premium Funding

What is the Sports Premium?

From September 2013 schools will receive additional funding to improve the quality of sport and PE within school.

We are using this money in school in a variety of ways:-

- All pupils will receive additional coaching from qualified professionals. This will not only improve their skills but will also build on the expertise within the school to ensure high quality PE continues into the future.

Coaching for 2015/16 and 2016/17 is detailed on the attachments at the end of this page.

Coaching for the current year includes:

-Tennis Coaching for all classes - minimum six week block

-Dance input for all classes over the year, delivered by a qualified male dance coach. This has had the additional bonus of inspiring boys to think about dance too!

- Tag Rugby for Key Stage 2.

- Basketball for all classes

-We have been supported by a play worker who has supported break and lunchtimes and developed the school's Play Leaders further.



Pupils swim from Year 3. An additional swimming teacher is funded to allow smaller groups. As a result, pupils make rapid progress. This year we are continuing to provide an earlier swimming opportunity for Year 1 and Year 2.


Craven Area Sports Partnership

The school is proud to be part of the local school sports partnership, co-ordinated via Caroline Moorhouse (now based at Carleton School).

This supports and enables a range of competitions and joint events across local Skipton and area schools.

Christ Church has participated in:

-The swimming gala

-Year 3-6 Football at Sandylands

-Sports Hall athletics for Key Stage 2


-Cross Country

-Tennis tournaments


-Tag Rugby

-Activity afternoons for Key Stage One



We have continued our detailed review of equipment to ensure it is fit for purpose as the curriculum changes.

Storage of equipment has been improved to ensure it is easily accessible.

School kit has been enhanced to build pride in representing our school.


Staff Training

The PE co-ordinator has been released to monitor the effectiveness of PE in school. This has included pupil conferencing with the children to talk about their interests and new things they would like to try. Coaching support has enabled quality staff development.

The full breakdown of spending for 2015/16 and 2016/17 can be found by clicking on the attachments below.


Raising Aspiration

​We work with other providers, clubs and camps to nurture early talent and support our aspiring young sportsmen and women, so that they have the opportunities they need to be the sports elite of the future.


Feedback from the children and Match Reports:

Cricket - May 2016:

"I enjoyed playing in the cricket tournament.  My favourite part was beating Water Street because they were really good!  We came third in the competition and had the best team spirit." (Alfie)


Tennins - May 2016

"We went to Sandylands and were the first ones there. We had to take a water bottle, coat, sun-cream and hat. Our school had four people taking part - Rhianna, Sunny, Dylan and Rosie M. Some other schools had more. We really enjoyed playing against the other schools and when we weren't playing tennis, we could play football or watch. We were surprised when we came joint third with Water St." (Rosie M)


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