Aims & Values

At Christ Church C.E. (VC) Primary School our vision is:

"A high quality learning environment based on Christian principles. A partnership in which everyone is valued and given the opportunity to achieve and celebrate personal success whilst taking pride in being part of our school family."

At Christ Church School we value:

  • Children and their needs 

We provide a child centred, warm secure environment where everyone is respected. All children are given the opportunity to reach their potential.

  • Learning and Teaching

We give all members of the school ownership of their learning. Our teaching and learning is challenging, addresses different learning styles and is supported by high quality resources.

  • Teachers and non teaching staff

Our staff are recognised and valued for the work which they do and have a right to expect respect from all within the school community.

  • Governors

Our Governors are well-informed members of our community who are aware of issues within the school and provide support for those who work in the school environment.

  • Parents

We work in partnership with parents as the child's first educators in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

  • The community

We involve the community in the life of the school and the school in its wider community to ensure our children are aware of the wider world around them.

  • The Christian story

As a Church school we value the Christian story and its implications for living.

Together, the vision and aims describe what makes our school unique and what is distinctive about it.

They are communicated throughout the day-to-day life of the school where we are 'Learning for Life'.